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Agency Ovono offers effective and guaranteed solutions suitable for providing the services you may need in the organizations of Brand events, corporate organizations, tourism support services, congresses, meetings, incentives, exhibitions, presentations, launches, galas, openings, cocktails, online events and other similar events.
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We work with you to reach your goals, to minimize the cost and to maximize your budget, with our network formed by teams specialized in their fields, and we offer timely and technologically appropriate solutions for advertising, marketing, promotion, organization, creative works and products.
Event Management Istanbul

Agency Ovono is ready for a comfortable, efficient, complete and professional organization where all your needs are provided from a single source, without having to deal with any other company or agency!

Whether you are online or in physical places..

Congress - Dealer Meeting - Seminar - Conference - Symposium Organizations

Seller Meeting

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As Ajans Ovono, we are ready to be your solution partner in your dealer meeting organizations.


Our dealer meeting organization services are shaped entirely in line with your wishes and demands before the organization, and again in the light of these requests and demands, facility, region and venue selections are made with care and the budget required for the whole organization is reported and presented to you, and services that can be added or removed regarding budget increase and restriction are also provided. are notified to you as an option with this report. Agency Ovono makes all the necessary reservations for your dealer meeting organization on your behalf and by ensuring that you get all the services from a single place, it eliminates the intensity that the organization owners complain about in such organizations. Preparation and arrangement of the venue, installation of the stage and technical equipment and welcoming services for your dealer meeting organization are also included in the services of Agency Ovono, and interpreter and technical infrastructure support is also provided if necessary.

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Antalya Event Management Agency

Services such as transportation, excursions and meals are among the services you can receive within your dealer - meeting organizations and are under the quality and assurance of Ajans Ovono.

You can organize your launch - press conferences, training meetings, term meetings and dealer meetings with the solution partnership of Ajans Ovono, and you can plan dealer meetings that your company should hold in certain periods of the year with meals, accommodation and tours if you wish. Such a dealer meeting will both contribute to your prestige, increase internal motivation and positively affect your work efficiency. Dealer meeting organizations are organizations that are too large and comprehensive for companies to organize alone. In order not to lose time and cost in such organizations, it will be a great benefit to have professional support such as Ajans Ovono with you. Because Agency Ovono's expert and professional team thinks ahead and easily implements everything needed for a dealer meeting organization. Thus, your dealer meeting organization will be efficient, fun and beneficial.

As a professional solution partner, Agency Ovono takes into account all the needs of a dealer meeting organization with 100% Service Guarantee and fully organizes the dealer meetings that your company wants to organize.

Agency Ovono is ready for a comfortable, efficient, complete and professional dealer meeting organization where all your needs are provided from a single source, without dealing with any other company or agency!

If you want to have the privileges of working with Ajans Ovono, you can contact us right away.

Congress -  Conference -  Seminar and  Symposium Organizations

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      Congresses, conferences, seminars and symposiums are very important events for both our personal and business life. Thanks to these activities, participants learn new things and can give new directions to their lives and careers in the light of what they have learned. In addition, the participants have the opportunity to meet new people and socialize through these activities. Undoubtedly, such activities also have difficult aspects. The most important of these difficult aspects is organizing these events.

Right here, Ajans Ovono is ready to serve you as your solution partner!

Ajans Ovono is at your side with its expert and professional team and perfect service understanding in your congress, conference, seminar and symposium organizations of the type, concept and size you want! In every event you organize with Agency Ovono, you will give your participants unforgettable moments.

Because Agency Ovono plans all your events in line with your wishes and works by considering all the details in order to make the best possible organization and adopts a professional service approach at every stage of the event. In addition, if you wish, Agency Ovono adds to the organization services, from the preparation of the announcement brochures required for your event, to sending them to the participants, from the preparation of the booklets of your event program to all the necessary welcome services.

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Hotel tourism meeting organization event istanbul

Ovono Agency also provides transportation and transfer processes for your participants during your organization process. Ovono Agency, which also provides professional service personnel, translator and technical infrastructure support if needed at the event, is also interested in the establishment of this infrastructure. Thus, you do not need any other company for your event!

Preparation of tables for your event, creation of technical infrastructure and support, professional staff support service in every field, interior and exterior decoration are some of the countless services of Ajans Ovono.

In addition, Ajans Ovono is ready to be your solution partner not only in your congress, conference, seminar and symposium organizations, but also in gala nights, closing nights, fairs, stands, in short, in any organization you need! If you want a quality and satisfaction-guaranteed organization company to be your solution partner in your congress, conference, seminar or symposium, Agency Ovono is just right for you!

Agency Ovono is with you in every organization with its professional team and satisfaction-guaranteed service understanding…

Event Planning and Management

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Event planner istanbul, antalya event agency
Gala Dinner Event Organization Istanbul Antalya

If you want to plan an innovative, extraordinary and interesting event that adorns your dreams and have a perfect organization for this event, Ajans Ovono is the only solution partner you need!

Everything that has a place in your dreams is valuable to us and every dream is worth turning into reality. With this understanding, we do the event planning and management with great care and precision, no matter how big and extraordinary the organization you want, and we continue to be with you with our professional business approach and 100% satisfaction guaranteed services from the beginning to the end of the event. Before the event, we analyze the entire organization related to this event in all details and report the required budget to you.

Within the scope of Event Planning and Management services, it supports you in your special projects, launch and promotion events, youth festivals and large-scale meetings, domestic show performances, culture and art projects, corporate motivation meetings and social responsibility projects. we are doing.









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As Agency Ovono, we first create the necessary concept for your event and reflect the spirit of your event to the space with minimalist designs when appropriate, when appropriate, in line with the requirements of this concept we have created.

Then, by planning your event from the first to the last moment, we prevent possible setbacks and save you both time and money. Moreover, we present the budget planning as a separate report and we can adjust the expenditures according to your views on this subject.

In accordance with the concept of your event, the design and implementation of your company logo, if any, images related to your event, the event program, labels, badges, menus if the event has a meal, invitation or thank you letters, if any, and event directions are also included in our event planning and management service.

Agency Ovono, with its professional and experienced staff, makes touches that will change the course of your event and turns your event into an unforgettable memory.

If you want to organize an unforgettable event, Ajans Ovono is the only solution partner you need!

Contact us now and get the most professional support for event planning and management.

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